Perfecting our process of handling all aspects of claims for over 30 years.

One of the hallmarks of our success in reducing claims costs over the years has always been our experienced, dedicated claims staff. We believe in hiring - and keeping - the best claims professionals in the industry.

We don’t subscribe to the "one-size-fits-all" approach to claims administration. We offer a comprehensive suite of core services that can be individually tailored and combined to create the perfect solution for each individual client.

Workers Compensation

Focused on teamwork and communication with all parties involved in a claim, our workers’ comp claims team strives to return employees who have been hurt on the job back to full health as quickly as possible. Our workers compensation claims professionals are advocates for your employees. Advocacy puts the injured worker at the center of the claim process. and establishing trust and communication at the onset of a claim reduces the ultimate costs. We know your employees are your heartbeat too.

General Liability, Auto Liability, Professional Liability

Liability claims require prompt, thorough investigation and a high degree of expertise to effectively manage. Our adjusters are investigators, insurance contract experts, and empathetic people who uphold the promises made in the policy to defend and indemnify the insured. In this role, our team protects the assets of their client partners so that we only pay claims that are owed. With over 30 years of experience, our liability team focuses on the best possible outcomes rather than worst case scenarios.

Occupational Accident, Opt-out, Non-subscriber Claims

With over 20 years of experience handling workplace accidents through alternative programs, we understand that whether working with an insurance policy or employer driven plan, our main goal is to insure that the injured employee understands the process and that we help them get back to full health (and work) as quickly as possible.