No company or industry is immune from COVID-19. If it hasn’t already affected your day to day operations, it will soon. Keeping our employees safe is the top priority at Brentwood Services followed closely by having zero interruptions to your services. We have taken the steps necessary to make sure the majority of our employees are now working remotely from home and are at 100% functionality. A few essential employees are working at each of our offices and are under strict protocols for mitigating the spread of this virus. We have added this section to our website to let you know what Brentwood Services is doing about this situation and provide some basic information for you regarding the pandemic.

Letter From Jeff Pettus, CEO

If you have suggestions or recommendations to help us improve this response for others, please let us know.

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic generates questions and concerns. Below is important information which you may find helpful. As always, please contact BSA if you need further assistance.

Regarding Our Services

As a service organization, Brentwood Services prides itself in maintaining service continuity to our broad client base. Through planning and executing our pandemic response plan, we have maintained 100% serviceability across the board so we can be there when you need us. Claims handling, underwriting, accounting, technology support, marketing, brokerage and loss control are fully operational and at your service. Stability is what you need during a time like this and we have provided that for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There have been no changes to the claims reporting process. We know business as usual is comforting right now so please continue to report as you usually would. Employees will maintain their regular business hours during this time as they work from home. Claims staff will continue to utilize our claims systems to intake, process, and adjudicate claims without interruption. These capabilities include indemnity and medical benefit payments and check issuance, compensability determinations, managed care services and all other activity which normally occurs during the claims process.

BSA answer: Our information technology experts to ensure that our claims system is still reliable and accessible. Logins remain the same. If you experience any issues, reach out to your dedicated adjuster.

Brentwood Services has followed the suggestions of the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the White House in all aspects of our organization to include our offices, vendors and strategic partners. These actions include:

  • 96% of our workforce now works remotely from their home.
  • Technology department has focused their time and resources to ensure remote workers have same connectivity and access they did in the office.
  • Temporary travel ban (3/15/20) on all non-essential business-related travel. Reevaluate this every 2-weeks by senior management.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Teams for client meetings and internal staff meetings for social distancing.
  • Senior Management meets via Teams at least twice a week to determine if any changes in operations are needed and form communications to all employees, vendors and business partners.
  • Provide guidelines for employees on cleaning their home work surfaces to help mitigate the spread of the virus.
  • Commercially clean our offices regularly to protect those few that remain performing essential duties.

Yes, you will continue to get your reports. Everyone involved in that process has the same access and capabilities they had before COVID-19.

Yes, Brentwood Services has several guidelines and articles to assist you with COVID-19. To access click on More COVID-19 Resources.